125 Stone FirePlace Ideas: Add Some Ambience To Your Place

Having a fireplace at your home is an amazing idea. Fireplaces were used only for heating purposes in ancient times but now they are used to add a nice ambience to the surroundings. It gives a relaxing and soothing feel to the environment and adds to the beauty too.

A stone fireplace is very popular among households and it is used to create a cosy and nice atmosphere wherever they are placed. The flickering flames of fire add beauty and keep the surroundings warm and comfortable. If you’re thinking to buy a stone fireplace, this comprehensive buying guide will help you choose one. In this post we’ll discuss the factors necessary to choose a stone fire place and some good stone fore place ideas for a natural and cozy atmosphere.stone-fireplace-ideas

How to choose a stone fireplace?

A stone is the most beautiful and durable material available for fireplaces. Stones retain more heat as compared to other materials such as wood, brick, and marble. Stone is also resistant to wear and tear due to heat and it can bear extreme temperatures which other materials can’t. When it comes to buying a stone fireplace, you must consider some factors that can make or break our buying decision. Following are some important points to consider before buying a stone fireplace:

Natural Vs. Manufactured:

The quality of stone has changed a lot and now they are a variety of stones available for being used for at a fireplace. The most important step in choosing a stone fireplace is to choose between the natural and manufactured stones. The manufactured stones are also called as the cultured stones and are available in a variety of colors and designs. A manufactured stone is easier to install and is more affordable too whereas a natural stone is more beautiful. Natural stone is more expensive than the cultured stones because they are harder to be installed. However, if style and beauty matters more to you than your pocket, then you must go for a natural stone fireplace.

Type of stone:

The type of stone plays an important role in the selection of a stone fireplace. There are many types of stones available and each one of them has its own benefits over others. You can also combine two different types of stones to make a classy combination of stone fireplace. Following types of stones are more popular for fireplaces:


Marble is an elegant stone and it is extensively used as a surround material for fireplaces. However, marble is not very durable and it can break or stain from wear and tear. Repairing marble is also expensive so if there are children at home, it is better not to go for a marble stone fireplace.


Limestone is very durable and there are no worries of it getting broken or damaged due to wear and tear. Limestone can also be carved easily and it can be beatified according to your preference. Limestone fireplaces are more preferred at formal settings because it needs to be sealed.


Granite looks amazing when paired with limestone and it is very durable too. Granite is easy to use because it can be cleaned with minimum effort. When it comes to choosing granite for fireplace surrounds, you have a huge variety of colors to choose and overall it is a good choice for using it as a stone fire place.


Slate is a very durable and stylish stone and it is normally used for hearth and not as surround stone. Most of the people think that slate is available in black or grey colors but actually it is available in a variety of colors. If you are planning to make a limestone surround for your stone fireplace, combining it with a slate hearth would look amazing.

Cut and Color of stone:

The cut plays an important role in the appearance of a stone. Cuts are of various types such as ledge cut, castle rock, field stone, random height, and dimensional. Ledge cuts are small and thin while the castle-rock gives a giant type of look. The castle rock cuts are more of rustic type and give a classy look to the fireplace while the ledge cuts are modern and stylish. If you want to match the color and cut of the stone to your home décor, you must consider other objects in the house such as color of the walls and carpet so that you make a better decision. You can also bring small pieces of carpet or bring the paint choices along so that you could have a better idea which colors will complement each other.

Contemporary or rustic design:

The design of a stone fireplace depends on the interior décor and the design of the wall where it has to be installed. Factors like recessed or flat wall and whether there is a pillar or bump on the wall plays an important role in selection of the stone fireplace design. The contemporary fireplaces are very different from the rustic ones as they give a more modern look while the rustic style should match with your traditional décor at home. In short, you just have to consider the interior décor of your house and then decide about the stone fireplace design accordingly.


Hearth is the extra area that is especially designed for people to sit and enjoy the warmth of the fireplace. The hearth should be installed very carefully by a professional and the owner should make sure that it is safe enough for the people to use. There are many types and sizes of hearth stones and you can choose them according to the style of the surround stone of the fireplace. Some hearth stones are kept a little bit raised from the earth while others at a particular height such as few inches above the knee.


The  of a stone fireplace acts as a decorative piece projected over it and is also called as the chimney piece. The modern stone fireplaces include floating s which look very stylish and give a modern look to the surroundings.

What are the benefits of a stone fireplace?

A fireplace is considered as the center of the home and it draws the attention of everyone entering the place. A fireplace should be designed beautifully whether it is small or large because it is going to be the center of attention for everyone. No matter what type of interior décor you have for your home, there are a variety of stone fireplaces which can complement it. A stone fireplace has many advantages which are as follows:

Low maintenance:

A stone fireplace is very easy to clean and maintain and it always looks clean and new. Wood or brick on the other hand can wear off easily and will look old in some years. For a stone fireplace, you just have to use a damp cloth to clean it and it will start shining like its new. Some stones such as marble and limestone are porous which need to be sealed to avoid dirt accumulation and then they are good to go. So, instead of being concerned about the cleanliness and maintenance of the fireplace, you can enjoy its beauty and warmth.

Heat retention:

Stone can absorb heat, store it and then radiate more effectively as compared to other materials. A fireplace is meant to keep the area warm and cozy and a stone fireplace does that very perfectly. Limestone and marble absorb the heat very well and keep the area warm even if there are winters. Granite conducts heat very well while Basalt stores heat for a long time and releases it gradually so that the heat is distributed throughout the area properly.


Stones are very sturdy and durable and they are known to be indestructible. Stones are resistant to shocks and wear and tear and they are ideal if durability is of main importance. Stones can also withstand mold and water damage and thus they are used extensively in those areas of a home which are more likely to be damaged. If a fireplace has to be used for many years, then a stone fireplace is the best choice for the purpose.


Stone is meant for lasting long and that’s the reason it is used as a building material. Stone doesn’t fade away and it survives for longer periods as compared to other materials such as wood which fades away easily. Many materials rot away but stone is the one that remains unchanged till the end, that is, it doesn’t lose its luster and other properties.

Gigantic look:

Stone fireplaces give a gigantic look and they look very beautiful. The large stones can be used for installing up to the ceiling or chimney to add to the beauty of the surroundings. The good thing is, stone fireplaces can match with any type of interior décor easily because there is a huge variety of colors and designs available.

Stone fireplace ideas to get a warm and cozy environment:

Fireplaces can fit into any place in the home but the best idea is to keep it at the center of the home so that the heat is distributed uniformly in the house. Stone fireplaces can be designed and installed very creatively to change the look of the surroundings. These fireplaces look very beautiful if they are chosen and installed with some interior decorating sense. So, if you want your place to look stylish and aesthetically pleasing, you can try these awesome stone fireplace ideas listed below:

Stone fireplace with a floating mantel:

A stone fireplace looks really beautiful with a floating mantel inset. A mantel also allows you to keep decorative items such as showpieces and vases to make the fireplace more aesthetically pleasing. The mantel can rise above till ceiling to give a gigantic and rustic look to the décor. Some people use floating mantel shelf so that they can decorate the fireplace with amazing decorative items without having them to be heated up. Because stone absorbs the heat readily and radiates it too, the mantel shelf can sometimes cause the decorative items to wear and tear and get damaged due to heat easily.

A combination of modern and traditional look:

Stone fireplaces can also be created by combining two different looks such as rustic and contemporary or in simple words; traditional and modern settings. Eldorado stones are very beautiful and they are used by many people for a stone fireplace. The color of the stone we are talking about here is Sawtooth and the cut is rustic ledge one. The contemporary look of the stone looks very pleasing in contrast to the rustic stone surround. Here you can use a different over-mantel and mantel shelf to make an amazing contrast.

Dry-Fit Ledge cut stone surround:

Cultured stone is a big name in this industry and it manufactures stones especially for fireplace surrounds. The stone used in this setting is the Country ledgestone of Chardonnary color. The dry-fit setting looks very cool for a surround of a fireplace and it makes the whole environment very cozy and traditional. If you are looking for a traditional setting, this dry-fit ledgestone from Cultured stone is a must try. You can use this in combination with any type of mantel with smooth lines to complement it with the surround.

Cobblestone fireplace frame:

You can give a nostalgic touch to your place by using a cobblestone fireplace. You can use these stones in a cut-out arch fashion for the over-mantel and it will look amazing. This can also be used as a storage trick and you can keep things that you need while you sit near the fireplace. Cobblestone has an old world character and it can be used for decorating the surround and mantel of the fireplace to make it more beautiful. The stones can be used in a frame style too because the texture of the cobblestone is attractive enough to draw attention of the people towards itself.

Quick stack fireplace surround:

Coronado developed a Quick Stack series which offers a very handy way for the homeowners to make a fireplace surround. The Quick Stack series was introduced to reduce the time and effort of installing a stone fireplace, and making it easier for the home owners. This stone veneer can be installed easily without any fuss and it looks super cool too. The Quick stack is a comprehensive solution for creating fireplaces and it includes over-mantel and mantel shelf too. The contemporary design blends with any type of home décor and looks ravishing.

Cast stone fireplace:

You can add more beauty to your living room by installing a cast stone fireplace. Cast stone fireplaces are normally made up of manufactured or cultured limestone or concrete. Though the stone is cultured but it looks amazing and natural looking and gives a look of a hand-sculpted stone. This fireplace can be installed in a minimalistic fashion and there is no need to use an over-mantel for this design. Limestone gives great ambience to the room and it looks perfect when blended with a modern home décor. You can add more glamour to the area by putting decorative items on the mantel shelf.

Fieldstone fireplace:

The Fieldstone fireplace is a cozy and classy area designed by Whitten Architects. The fireplace has been designed in a new Hampshire home and it is drawing the attention of many people. People especially the interior decorators are appreciating the style as it is very unique and gives a very contemporary feel. The fieldstones are sort of rocks that are gathered from field and they look very natural and traditional if used in a home’s setting. These stones don’t have a flat side and they differ in shape from each other. The stones are fitted together so that they remain intact in a setting.

Recycled granite stone fireplace:

Recycled granite is rarely used for fireplaces but if you want something unique and different from others, you can use this stone for your fireplace. Recycled granite is not created by using the cultured or manufactured products and molding them into a new material, instead it is made up of 100% natural granite. This granite is mostly obtained after some granite is left over from a major project. The granite can be used for creating amazing stone fireplace because it can be easily cut and shaped uniquely.

Bottom Line:

Stone fireplaces enhance the appearance of the room and add a nice ambience to it. There are many companies that do the task of providing manufactured or natural stones for installing a fireplace and you can consider them if you’re thinking to have one at your place. Stone fireplaces are not just designed for interiors; in fact they can be placed on the rooftops and in the patios too. Stones are available in a great variation and you can choose them according to your preference of properties, design, color, and cut. So, if you’re thinking to make your surroundings aesthetically pleasing, you’ll find this post very helpful.



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