125 Different Flower Bed Ideas for Small Garden

Get the best flower bed ideas for your small garden with the help of the list provided below. Finding the right flower bed ideas for your mini place can be quite a challenge, especially with so many available options to choose from. This is why it is important that you gather as much information as you can about your available choices. Doing so can help short list your options and increase your chance of going for the flower bed ideas that are conducive for the location where you wish to have a flower bed.

Find out how your choice of flower bed can be affected by various factors in your location, resources and time. Investing on a flower bed is not just a onetime deal, and the sooner that you understand this, the better decisions you can make while working on your flower bed project.


Different Types of Flower Beds

  • Tree Base Flower Bed with Natural Rock Edging

Tree base flower beds can come in various shapes and sizes. This type of flower is usually fashioned to help accent the trees in your garden and maximize the limited gardening space that you have. Using large to medium size natural stones create an edging around a tree. Fill the said area with garden soil and start planting your favorite plants and flowers.  Remember to mix and match the textures and colors of the plants to make your flower bed look more attractive.


  • Hollow Log Flower Bed

Hollow log flower beds are great for homes who have limited bare ground for gardening. All you need to do is fill a hollow log with soil and start planting your favorite flowers. Afterwards, you can move the log around to the area where you want to display your new flower bed. The benefit of a hollow log flower ideas is it helps contain the roots of the plants, all the while maintaining an all-natural looking flower bed. Containing the plants is one of the essential functions of creating a flower bed. This way you don’t have to worry about the roots of your plants growing uncontrollably until it eventually destroys your pavement or reach areas where you don’t want it to be.

  • Border Flower Bed Ideas

Border flower beds are probably the most common type of flower bed utilized by homeowners with limited garden space. These types of flower beds are a common sight around the perimeter of the house, just below the windows. You can plant flowers in-ground or you can use flower beds that are made of wood. The important part is to make sure to create an edging. The edging will help direct and maintain the growth of your plants within the designated flower bed area. Most people use scented flowers for this type of flower bed, giving their homes that refreshing smell.

  • Island Flower Bed Ideas

Island flower beds are another excellent option if you are looking for flower bed that does not require too much space. Island flower beds come in various lengths and shapes, which give you better maneuvering advantage. You can either do it in-ground or you can create a raised flower bed using pots and other materials. Island flower bed is a common center of attraction on patios or paved backyards. Just remember to keep a reasonably sized flower bed that will allow you to easily move around when planting or tending to your plants.

  • L- Shaped Flower Bed Ideas

L – Shaped flower beds are great space-saver for people who want to have some greenery in their home, but do not have garden space to spare. One of the most beneficial aspects of setting up a flower bed is it gives you the chance to own a little nest of plants. An L-shaped flower bed can definitely give you this benefit without the need to sacrifice any of your already limited space. All you need to do is take advantage of the corners in your home and have this flower bed installed. Just remember to pick plants and flowers that can continue to thrive even on compact space, especially since L-shaped flower bed ideas are usually narrow. The key is to find plants and flowers that grow vertically.


  • Raised Planter with Legs

Raised planter with legs come in different shapes and sizes, making it one of the ideal flower bed that you can utilize even with limited garden space. Raised planter with legs are usually made of wood and is actually like a standalone flower bed that you can move around or place on areas where you see fit. This is one of the flower bed ideas that is beneficial for people who love to rearrange their garden from time to time. And in case you wish to change residence, you can easily bring this flower bed with you without any hassle.

  • Multi-level Flower Bed

Multi-level flower beds aren’t only great garden space-saver; they are also a great way to group your plants and flowers according to your preferred classification or arrangement. Since this type of flower bed expand vertically, you can easily expand your collection of flower-bearing plants without any problem. It also gives you easier maintenance access, because you can easily group the plants according to their needs.


Flower Bed Ideas – Tips on Building Your Own 

Gathered here are some of the information you need to start with your flower bed.

  • Location

Before you start choosing flower bed, you must first be specific with the location where you wish to install your flower bed. The location will help determine all the other details of your flower bed project, such as the size of the flower bed, the type and number of plants as well as the materials that you will need.

  • Type of Soil

The location of your flower bed determines the type of soil that you have, specifically for in-ground flower beds. In case you are planning to plant flowers with specific soil requirement, determining the type of soil that you have on the location dictate whether you need to do some soil shopping for the right type of soil.

  • Sunlight

Note that some plants require more sunlight than others. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you make the necessary observation to find out if your prospect flower bed match the available resources you have on your target area. This will help ensure that your flower bed will continue to thrive with minimal maintenance and supervision.

  • Size & Shape

Flower beds come in various shapes and sizes. One of the crucial parts of setting up a flower bed is determining the right size and shape. The size should not be too big that there is no more space left to maneuver when maintaining your garden. The shape should be efficient for the proper spacing of the plants and should fit the location where you wish to install your flower bed.

  • Maintenance

Be mindful of how you are going to install maintenance systems. Maintenance systems such as sprinkler and edging can help ease the burden of maintaining your flower bed. This is why you have to include them when considering flower bed ideas. You should also look into your schedule and budget, so you can be sure you have enough time, energy and money to deal with the demands of your growing plants.

  • Budget

Of course, your budget plays a crucial part on which flower bed to consider. Some flower beds, especially in-ground flower bed planting, cost lesser to install than the traditional raised or boxed flower beds. Also, smaller flower beds tend to be more affordable compared to bigger ones. To make sure that you don’t overspend on your project, it is highly recommended that you do your costing first. Check out 3 to 5 suppliers who are selling the gardening materials that you need. Compare the details you gathered and pick which one can get the best offer for your budget.

  • Foot Traffic

The volume of foot traffic and the type of foot traffic where you are planning to place your flower bed should also be in your list of considerations when selecting the right flower bed ideas. The volume of foot traffic determines the possibility of getting your flower bed damaged. The higher the foot traffic, the greater the chance that somebody might do something that can lead to the demise of your flower bed. The quality of the foot traffic determines whether you have more children or pets in the area that can affect your flower bed setup one way or another. Pets and children are less mindful with how their actions may cause harm to the plants. Once you determine the volume and quality of foot traffic, you can finally choose flower bed ideas that have a greater chance of remaining intact even when exposed to these types of settings.


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Benefits of Flower Bed

  • Flower bed give you the opportunity to gather all your favorite flowering plants in your own private corner. This is similar to having your own doll cabinet or collection cabinet where you can place all of your favorite pieces so share them with other people and still keep them protected.
  • Flower bed give you options on how you can create your own mini flower garden despite having limited space at home. The most traditional types of bed ideas are built from the ground, but with the numerous available flower bed ideas there are now tons of choices that you can explore even when you are living in an all concrete place.
  • Setting up flower bed allows you to install better garden maintenance systems. Since your flowering plants are already grouped together, you can easily install a sprinkler system that will regularly water your plants for you. This is highly beneficial especially for people with busy schedule. Also, because you get to decide the shape and design of your flower beds, you can pick something that can is easier for you to tend to, providing you enough space to conveniently do the pruning and weeding whenever necessary.
  • Keeping weeds and pests away from your favorite plants is also easier with the help of flower bed ideas. Since your plants are already grouped, applying pesticide and weed control measures is faster and can be done in higher concentration. Covering smaller areas usually make weed and pest treatment more potent, which also make it more effective.
  • Flower bed give you the chance to channel your inner creativity so you can create a beautifully designed landscape. Beautiful flower beds increase the aesthetic value of your home and surroundings, creating a more relaxing view and venue that can help you recharge after a busy day.
  • Flower beds help you create a division. By creating a flower bed, you are separating areas where people and animals can access from areas where plants can thrive undisturbed by people’s activities. This help increase the chance of your plants survival.

The details provided here in this article aim to help you come up with great flower bed ideas that you can utilize despite having limited space at home. Living in a small space does not necessary mean giving up your love for plants, all you need is just a bit of inspiration and a dash of creativity and you’ll surely find great flower bed ideas that are suitable for your setting.

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