55 Floating Beds: Types, Benefits and Uses

Your bedroom is your private space where you can just relax and unwind after a long day. Thus, it is no surprise that the most important part of your house should be your bedroom and, most particularly, your bed space. Who wouldn’t want a luxurious bed? However, nowadays, with small spaces, you just have to do with limited bed space.

Even though there are many options of bedding and mattresses that one can choose from, many people do not even use a bed and simply put a mattress on the floor to sleep. Many others, who might live in studio apartments, simply use a sofa-cum-bed for lounging and sleeping purposes. Many people, on the other hand, take their sleep very seriously and are willing to spend a fortune on getting not just a comfortable bed but also one that looks great and comes with practical features.

There is a new type of bed in the market that is becoming extremely popular with people these days, which is known as a floating bed. Floating beds can be classified into two categories:


  1. Floating bed (classic or platform)
  2. Omni-pendulum motion floating bed
  3. Floating Beds

A floating bed is nothing like a water bed since that is probably the first thing that popped into your mind. A floating bed is very much like a regular bed yet quite different when you look at it. It is truly floating above the floor. A floating bed can be a floating platform bed or a classic floating bed.

Floating Platform Bed

A floating platform bed features an inset frame which makes the mattress looks as if it is floating above the floor. This design is not just attractive and unique, but it also helps save a lot of space around your bedroom. The legs of the bed are set within the bed frame that helps reduce the risk and possibility of tripping in your bedroom.

Classic Floating Bed

This type of floating bed has a bed frame whose features are similar to the floating platform bed. However, the only difference between these two is that the headboard of this bed frame is quite sophisticated and large enough for those who prefer to read in bed. Similar to a platform floating bed, the classic floating bet is ideal for saving space around the room.

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Why Should You Use a Floating Bed?

Floating beds adds a creative spark to your living space, whether you are adding it to your bedroom or studio apartment where it will be in view all the time. It is definitely an eye-catching design that will surely make your living space stand out in a contemporary fashion since it is a modern interior design concept.

  • Creates Space

Having a floating bed in your room means there is plenty of space around the room to store your stuff or decorate the room. Particularly if the floating bed does not have a headboard, you can place it against the wall and put up a painting above it or add some color to your room. Since the bed is floating, it automatically creates space around the bed where you can put up plush carpets, rugs or any other decorative touch you want to add. Hence, having a floating bed obviously creates a sense of space and openness in the room. It also gives a bedroom a modern look and feel, bringing your bedroom into the 21st century.

  • Available with LED Lighting

Floating beds are becoming more advanced now and offer different features such as LED lighting equipped on the bed frames. The LED lighting also gives the actual effect of a floating bed and gives a very modern look.

  • It Can Be Placed in the Middle of the Room

A floating bed can also be placed in the middle of a room, through which you can easily separate your sleeping area from your work or storage area. If the bed does not have a headboard, something like a bookshelf can also function as a headboard for the bed. If there is a headboard, it can still be used in other ways in the middle of the room. DIY enthusiasts can use the space on the other side of the headboard to place a desk and use it for writing. Moreover, if your floating bed is right in the middle of the room without any headboard, you can simply have it surrounded by ceiling mounted curtains which will create a nice personal space right in the middle of the room. When you are sleeping, you can draw the curtains and be cut off from the rest of the world.

The “Omni-Pendulum Motion” Floating Bed

When referring to floating beds, it can also refer to a type of bed which is actually floating. This type of floating bed has an omni-pendulum motion which creates a calming effect on the vestibular system, aids in improving the learning and processing centers, and helps the user relax. It has been used for a long time to treat many health and psychological conditions. This type of bed is a cross between an actual bed and a hammock and is great for lounging, relaxing and even for sleeping. It creates a romantic appeal and also quite useful for kids as well. All in all, it is perfect for virtually any age group.

What Exactly Is Omni-Pendulum Motion?

The rocking or floating of the bed, is known as the omni-pendulum motion, where the bed arcs in a slow motion and quite gently. It is quite smooth and holds the person perfectly in place while they are sitting or lying down without actually tossing them around the bed. It sort of cradles the person and helps them relax instantly.


Why Should You Use Omni-Pendulum Floating Beds?

There is something that is known as floating therapy, which is backed by scientific research which states numerous benefits regarding it. Floating therapy helps give you a good night’s sleep, which is essential for good health and the overall working of the nervous system.

The body needs to have recuperation, and we need to give the body a chance for it to work perfectly. Using a floating bed can help you achieve all of that simply by providing relaxation and a good night’s sleep.

These types of floating beds with their motion therapy can help users sleep better by improving their quality of sleep, help reduce anxiety and erratic behavior, and overall improve a person’s health by elevating their mood. There are many benefits associated with this type of floating motion bed, which creates a weightless feel while you are on it. Many people may not use these beds for actual sleeping at night but simply as a way to relax or lounge during the day.

For Those with Special Needs

This floating bed is ideal for people with special needs as well since it helps improve their auditory, visual and tactile sensory input while helping them relax with its gentle motions. It helps special needs children to feel safe, concentrate better and learn better.

Strong Enough for Everyone

An omni-pendulum floating bed is strong enough to support anyone, whether it is an adult, a child or anyone in between. This bed helps create a sense of bonding and relaxation, especially for those who have sensory issues. In fact, children can jump and bounce on it and even have a meltdown in a soft and safe environment. These types of beds may also have an optional tent on top so that a person can escape their mental pressures and anxiety and be in their safe zone.

Helps Solve Sleeping Problems

Rocking is known to be a natural sleep aid since it is a way of mimicking how a baby is floating in the mother’s womb. Floating or rocking is a natural way of giving a calming effect, which helps create a powerful and deep relaxation response that helps a person sleep better. Rocking is also a natural way to reduce stress and improves the dreams a person gets. Hence, this bed will get rid of most sleeping problems and provide you with a peaceful sleep.


Improves the Quality of Health

This type of floating bed also reduces pressure on the back of the body and helps decrease any form of swelling throughout the body. The muscles all over the body tend to relax and stretch on this bed thanks to its rocking motion, which helps reduce aches, soreness and pain simply by just lying down on the bed while it is in motion. Furthermore, the motion of this bed helps increase blood circulation and improves the body’s lymphatic system as well.

Rocking or any form of motion is good for the body, especially for people who are bed ridden. Such people are usually at risk for developing serious types of health problems due to a lack of movement. Thus, this floating bed is ideal for post-operative recovery patients, particularly as the rocking system helps heal them faster.

Other Benefits of Omni-Pendulum Floating Beds

  • You can hang it even in those locations where only a hammock would fit.
  • It is small in size and is quite lightweight, which makes it very easy and convenient to store it. Most of these beds can easily fold up as well, so they are easily transportable too.
  • This bed is quite durable and inexpensive.
  • With its minimal use of materials and portability, the bed is quite ecologically friendly as well.
  • It looks very presentable and adds a decorative element to any space.
  • It can be hung outdoors through a tree, tripod or any other method. Looking up at the stars from the floating bed can be an unforgettable experience.
  • It is great for romantic activities.


Conclusion: Which One to Choose?

There are different types of floating beds available in the market, so when you refer to a floating bed, you need to be precise which type of floating bed you are talking about or else it can cause some confusion. If you want a floating bed to save space and create a modernistic and contemporary living space, you are referring to the basic or platform floating bed, which is raised from the floor.

Many people, however, have criticized these floating beds for being simply a great visual to look at. It is, no doubt, effortless when it comes to cleaning, but when it comes to storing items under the bed, which is a very important and practical aspect for a small apartment or small room, it disappoints. When buying a floating bed, one must be completely sure they really want to buy this bed as it simply serves the purpose of looking great, minimalistic and modern. Other than that, it might eat up some storage space.

The other type of floating beds is the one which is actually floating in the sense that it is hanging in the air. Such types of floating beds actually rock as well and are known as the omni-pendulum motion floating bed.

These beds may not be right for everyone, but they are definitely ideal for helping you relax and improving your health and quality of your sleep. These types of floating beds also create a style statement in your house and can be placed anywhere, whether it is indoors or outdoors. It can also be used to sleep in the porch or in the playroom for kids. You may also want to make a separate meditation room and put it there to create a serene environment.

Many people may not be comfortable to have this type of rocking bed for their daily use and may just consider it or use it for their power naps or for lounging around. Whatever the case, these beds are ideal for relaxing purposes. The omni-pendulum bed serves to provide relaxation and a good night’s sleep as well as a solution to many health-related issues!

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